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Beading tips and Stitch information
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We hope the information below will get you started in the wonderful world of beading.
If you have not printed from our site, we've put together an informative Buying tips page to get you started.

For learning we suggest basics for your first projects and they do not necessarily need to be finished items. Start with a triangle, rectangle, square..something that flows with the stitch you are learning. Once learning the stitch is conquered you can tackle larger projects with less frustration.
However, if you are like most of us, you want to create an item you JUST HAVE TO HAVE. Try to choose something simple to start with... find out if you LIKE beading before getting in over your head because this little hobby is very addicting!
1. You can start with FREE (if you print yourself) instructions for a particular stitch: Brick, Peyote, Square, Right Angle Weave, etc..
Most listings below are FREE but not all. We offer over 300 FREE patterns and or instructions, click FREE in our menu to browse them all.

Some Basics:
Beading Basics
Thread A Needle The Easy Way!
Tip on adding new thread
Hints on Fishing Line
Weavers Knot
Stop/waste Bead information
Stop Bead Animation
Ladder Stitch
Circle Stitch
Basics, Bead-Stitch Orientation
Starter Strip Information
Lighting, Needle, thread & more...
Reading Pattern information & item numbers that may be useful:
Reading Peyote Patterns, Flat Peyote   8290
Reading Peyote Patterns, Tubular Peyote   8367
Various Stitch Techniques & item numbers that may be useful:
Brick Stitch   269   2247   98   6372
Brick Stitch 2 Drop/Stack   8767
Brick Stitch, Tubular Spiraling   11301
Fringe Tutorial, Suzanne's Basic
Herringbone Start, Circular
Netting, 3-Drop
Peyote, Flat, 2 drop   5582   5324   4319   5573
Peyote, Odd Count   8829
Peyote, odd count, 2 Drop, Start   5589
Peyote, Flat   100   798   774   4439   4463
Peyote, Tubular   102   844
Peyote, Circular Flat
RAW-Right Angle Weave   9435   9460   821
Square Stitch
Stovepipe Stitch, Crane Legs
Stovepipe Stitch Instructions, Easier
Peyote Animations:
Peyote Animations
Bead Basics - Ladder stitch, needle, thread, lighting & much more:
Bead Basics
1. Many more links can be found by joining our Chat group,
Once you are a member you can click on LINKS from the left side of the menu. We have organized them for your convenience. Click to join
2. Find an item that is created with the stitch/technique of your choice, we have many Free patterns available. OR find the ITEM FIRST and then obtain the instructions for the stitch/technique. Whatever strikes your fancy will drive you to succeed.
3. In some cases using larger beads than indicated may be easier for the learning process; Delica, size 11, size 13, 14, 15 seed beads. (The larger the number the smaller the bead). Start with beads easily seen and as uniform as possible.
4. Thread: The size of thread will depend on the size of bead. On average, size B Nymo thread works great for Delica and size 11 seed beads.
Thicker thread/yarn should be substituted when using larger beads. This will depend on the hole size of the bead chosen.
Thread sizes: 00 = very very fine, 0 = very fine, A = fine, B = med, D is great for warping a loom and thicker than size B.....and so on.
5. Needle: The size of needle will depend on the size of thread. On average, size 10 or 12 beading needle work great with size B Nymo thread.
A larger needle would need to be substituted when using thick thread/yarn.
6. Thread Conditioner or bees wax: A must if using thread from a small bobbin. Without conditioning or wax I have found KNOTS to be a huge problem.
7. Practice, practice, practice.
8. If possible take a class. You will find out fairly quickly if you like beading, and will get you started quickly.


Approximate Weights & Measures

Seed Beads
Delica Beads(11/0)
Size 11 - 120 per gram
Size 11 - 3500 per 6" tube
Size 11 - 6" x 9/16" tube = 1 oz

Size 15 - 250 per gram
Size 15 - 3500 per 3" tube
Size 15 - 3" x 9/16" tube = 1/2 oz
200 per gram
1000 per 5 grams
1500 per 7.5 grams
2000 per 10 grams
3" x 9/16" tube = 10 grams
(not quite full (**MY CHOICE))

3" x 1/2" tube = 10 grams
(full and packed)

BUYER BEWARE: Please note tube diameter and length when purchasing beads.
There are different tubes on the market.  Some have a smaller diameter, some larger.
That's why you think you are getting "such a deal".  Small diameter = less beads per tube inch.

I love tubed beads - but also know that when I buy bags of beads that have been measured on a scale, I'm getting exactly what I expect.  Tubes are approximate measurements at best.  Many variables are apparent with tubes - diameter - length - packed - unpacked.  Packed is nice except when opening the tube and the top 1/2" of beads are now on the floor because of such a tight fit.  That's my 2 cents worth.

 What is available to you is what you end up purchasing - just be aware and you'll be fine.

Copyright 2000 by Rita Sova


Printing Tips:
You may want to keep the patterns you print for a long time.  We suggest you get a good quality paper or cardstock or photo paper to print these patterns on.  You may also want to set your printer to print in its BEST mode as opposed to Normal or Economy.  This will get you the BEST prints possible.


Storage Suggestion:
Slip your printed patterns into Clear Plastic Sleeves to protect them for years to come.  The plastic sleeves also allow you to use erasable markers over the patterns.   It makes life so much easier to keep track of where you are while answering the phone - etc....just erase the marker or replace the plastic sleeve and you can reuse the pattern over and over.   The plastic sleeves usually come pre punched with 3 holes to fit 3 ring binders - a good storage place for your new Patterns.  You can even get dividers and organize the binders - oh, maybe we are getting to organized now......



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