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Thu, 10/15/2015 - 10:59 -- Toika Bridges

Splendiforous Jeannie - Genie Bottle


A memorable and always intriguing vessel. The Stopper comes out! This 'bottle' is decorative only, it will not function as a container.

Rich text, detailed, step-by-step instructions, pictures. Full detailed list of all supplies and beads.

This vessel is Not self-supporting. You will need the following supplies to assemble, and bead around:

  • Poster board or cardstock to make vessel base, white or purple, about 8 1/2" x 4 1/2".
    You need to color the edges, and the very bottom of the cardstock, (if you use white), and more items below.
  • You can use either Acrylic paint to match DB783 as closely as possible, along with a brushable Acrylic clear coat, (matte), OR a broad tip medium purple permanent marker, and a spray clear coat.
  • Paintbrush, if you choose to use acrylic paint and clear coat
  • Copy weight paper, white, or preferably a shade of purple to match DB783, (or use the marker to color the paper), about 3" x 2" . At this time, craft and copy stores have lots to choose from.
  • Scissors
  • Wooden Toy Wheel, 1"w x 3/8" thick, with a 1/4" hole. These are generally available in craft stores, under different brand names (in the unfinished wood aisle, not the plastic toy car parts aisle). Do Not get the one with 'treads' because it is flat and grooved on the side. You need smooth, rounded sides. You can also order on the internet through, (among others), www.larascrafts.com Item 10042
  • Wire snippers<
  • Thick White glue, clear drying, Aleene's Tacky or Crafter's Pick "The Ultimate"™
  • Thin white glue, clear drying, like Elmer's School glue
  • Gluestick, optional
  • Clear scotch tape, optional
  • Clear, or mostly, clear drinking straw. If you can find a purple one with the right diameter, it would be great. Believe it or not, straws come in different diameters. The less expensive they are, the smaller the diameter. Get one that is 7/32", (or .235 is close enough), in diameter. This may not be on the packaging. Take a measuring tool with you.
  • Sandpaper, small piece, A 1/2" square, 100 grade (coarse) , or close
  • Razor blade
  • Toothpick

NOTE: This file is at least 5 times larger than most. It will take longer to download. Please be patient.

"I Dream of Jeannie" ™ is a copyrighted trademark of Sony/Columbia Pictures Television. "I Dream of Jeannie" is a Sidney Sheldon Production. This pattern/instructions are not associated with Sony/Columbia Pictures, or any subsidiary, in any way. No infringement of any trademark or copyright is intended or should be implied.

Stitch: Peyote
Beads Used: Delicas, 15/0's, 11/0 2cut, Swarovski 5000's, Swarovski 5301's, gold plated balls, accent beads on top.
Approx Finished Size: 1-5/16" W x 3-7/8" H

Approx Finished Size: 

1-5/16" W x 3-7/8" H

B-P Model #: 
S-E Product ID #: 
Technique (up to 6): 
Skill Level: 
3 Experienced
Bead Types (up to 10): 
Miyuki Delica 11 (DB)
Seed size 11
Seed size 15
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