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Swirl Earrings with Rizo Beads

Free Beading Pattern by Elena

Please note: Texts were translated from Russian language to English using the Google Translate. You can click HERE for more info.

Tools and materials:

  • Czech beads (dark blue) 10/0;
  • Czech beads (olive) 10/0;
  • Beads MIYUKI Japan (Translucent Blue) 15/0;
  • Czech beads Rizo (olive-gray);
  • bead round Ø 4 mm - 4 pcs;
  • Bead needle number 12 - 1 pc;
  • pins with a cap (55 mm) - 2;
  • Nylon thread (black) - 2 cut by 80 cm;
  • shvenzy - 2 pcs .;
  • scissors, pliers, wire cutters.


 Strung on a thread working 6 pairs of beads and beads in the sequence shown in the photo:

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_1

Tie a tight knot and needle derive from two of the smallest beads:

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_2

 I have already mentioned that these earrings weaved in mosaic technique weaving, beads so, we will distribute according to her, t. E in one.

We recruit a small bead and pass it through a second dark I become blue:

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_3

 Next bead is dark blue:

The logic behind this is very simple weaving.

You do not need to calculate what bead should follow at some point in weaving.

You type bead of color and size from which is derived the needle.

Only for what you need to follow - is that the needle always comes from the second series of beads.

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_4

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_5

  Bead Rizo follows a similar ...

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_6

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_7

 By making one turn we always (!) Will move to a new range of woven directly through two of the small beads (the first time).


spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_8

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_9

  As you can see in the photo, the smallest beads are already taking the outline of the spiral mosaic harness:

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_10

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_11

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_12

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_13

    The transition to a new series:

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_14

 That's what should happen after the third row of weaving:

With a length of earrings - you define yourself.

Or rather: the length of these earrings defines the pin on which they are mounted.

Measurements do on the pin with a "stopper" in the form of small beads or bicone.

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_15

 To earrings were the same: place them next turn to turn:

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_16

 "Stoppers" (in my case black beads 4 mm) must be placed on both sides of the harness:

With the help of pliers, we need to make small trim tabs.

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_18

 I prefer to straighten the ear shvenzy (only way), than do not fully close the loop on the main product.

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_19

 Earrings made ​​on the basis of the spiral mosaic harness with beads Rizo - ready.

spiral sergi_spiralny zhgut_20

Get inspired, create - raduyte!

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